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Conference Travel Grant Application

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Note: Conference travel grants are suspended September 2020-May 2021. 

Funding Available and Eligibility

CEI Scholars and Fellows may apply for up to $1000 in travel expenses to support attendance at a disciplinary conference where the student shares the results of their faculty-directed community-based project.  Applications are submitted and awards announced on a rolling decision basis after review.

Funded expenses may include conference registration, air or rail fare, mileage if traveling by car, hotel, and local transportation. Food and incidentals are not included.

Expenses are reimbursed after completion of travel and submission of travel receipts to CEI. If the faculty sponsor is making travel arrangements funds may be released to the department.


Complete the following application  to apply for a travel grant. Applications should include a description of your project and its context within your academic studies; the full name of the conference, dates of attendance, location and the title of your presentation. A complete budget with each expense listed by item and expected cost must accompany the project description. In the budget list other sources of funding including your own contribution. A letter of support from your faculty sponsor should be emailed to Susan Serra (, Associate Director, Community Engagement Initiative.

About the Budget Proposal

  1. List each expense by item and cost in the column provided.
  2. Beside each item, explain the need for that expenditure. Details are important!
  3. Mileage is reimbursed at .54 per mile (not through gas receipts). You will need to submit completed mileage sheets.

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Conference Travel Grant Application
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Conference Travel Grant Application
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