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Become a PPE Fellow

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PPE Fellowship Program

​The PPE Fellowship program provides up to $10,000 funding for UD faculty or staff projects that support public education in Delaware. Fellows are supported for up to one year with funds to support either partnership or capacity building projects and will have the opportunity to participate, contribute to, and lead PPE initiatives in the future. The call for fellowship applications is released every fall for work to be completed the following year.

Types of Fellowship Projects

Partnership Projects

Partnership projects are those that bring together UD community members and P–12 partners to work on a particular issue or problem of importance to Delaware public education. The goal of partnership funds is to help get important work off the ground or complete a project, rather than to sustain work that may already be supported by other funding sources.

Capacity Building Projects

Capacity building projects are those that allow UD community members to develop the new skills and knowledge necessary to support underserved communities and populations. Capacity building funds are intended to create learning opportunities for UD faculty, staff, and students. Examples of capacity building projects include: working in/with high-needs schools to gain experience in those contexts; participation or hosting conferences, workshops, or speakers; or other types of experiences or resources that build capacity for partnerships with high-needs schools.

Read about PPE's current fellows here.

Call for Proposals

The Partnership for Public Education invites members of the University of Delaware community to apply for a PPE Fellowship. We welcome applications during Fall 2019 for projects beginning as early as January 2020. Applicants must complete and submit the application, along with letters of support, by December 1, 2019.

Any questions about the program or application should be directed to Fran O'Malley at

Eligibility Requirements

Grants are for UD faculty and staff. Preference will be given to faculty-led proposals. Faculty with all types of appointments are encouraged to apply.

Process to Apply

Download and complete the PPE Fellowship Application. Once completed, please submit your application along with any additional attachments/supporting documents via

Applications will close on December 1, 2019. Applicants will be notified of the Committee's decision by December 15, 2019.

Evaluation Criteria

  • The extent to which the proposed project advances equity among Delaware’s schools and communities. The proposal should reflect critically on the contribution to underserved communities and marginalized populations.
  • The extent to which the proposed project will increase educational opportunities and improve outcomes in Delaware schools.
  • Efforts are consistent with PPE's definition of partnership:
    • Mutually beneficial and ideally sustained collaborations with further potential for scale
    • Designed to leverage collective resources toward a shared goal
    • Guided by jointly defined vision, roles, and strategies for achieving that goal
  • The extent to which the proposed project will benefit the University of Delaware community of researchers and students through the development of capacity, the creation of new knowledge, and/or the increased opportunities for UD students.

Additional Details

​The maximum possible award is $10,000. Due to limited resources, PPE may not be able to fund all requests or be able to fund applications to the full amount requested. Applicants are encouraged to seek matching support from their own departments or other organizations. Additionally, while this fellowship is not intended for sustaining long-term initiatives and supporting ongoing projects, PPE may be able to help identify additional funding opportunities for your educational partnerships.

Responsibilities of Fellows:

  • Collaborate with community partners in developing your proposal.

  • Submit a letter from each partner documenting willingness and permission to participate in the project.

  • Upon consultation with the PPE team, develop 2 deliverables (publications, media, brief, op-ed, etc.) on partnership work. 

  • Submit a final budget report that fully accounts for use of funds.

  • Complete work within a year of project commencement.

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Become a PPE Fellow
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Become a PPE Fellow
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