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Campus Resources for Students

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As an engaged university, UD offers multiple ways for you to connect with the community and enhance your academic journey.
Take a Service Learning Course (SERV)

Did you know that UD offers courses with a service component that allow you as a student to experience authentic and real-world problem solving?

SERV courses are now searchable! When you register for classes, look for the “SERV” designation. These courses will offer you opportunities to extend your learning beyond the 4 walls of the classroom and into the local community. 

Become a Student Mentor or Tutor

Are you passionate about helping others? Would you like to make an impact with students in local public schools? 

Consider joining our school tutoring and mentoring program!  

PPE and the Community Engagement Ambassadors have developed a tutoring and mentoring program with two local schools: Brookside Elementary School and Shue-Medill Middle School. Regardless of your major, your service is needed and your role is valuable!

When you mentor or tutor local youth, you offer more than just the help with academics - you foster opportunities for local youth to build relationships with UD students and learn more about the UD experience. 

To learn more about the Community Engagement Ambassador program contact Addison Hughes, Assistant Director, Equity & Inclusion, Resident Life and Housing at

Join the Undergraduate Community Engagement Scholars program

​The Community Engagement Scholars Course of Study (CESCS) is a four year academic program run by the Community Engagement Initiative that prepares students for life as engaged citizens. In the first year, scholars take two academic courses (SPPA100: Introduction to Civic Engagement, and UAPP110: Introduction to Public Policy).  In the following years, scholars participate in semester or summer-based immersion programs; service trips and community-based opportunities.  Scholars receive enhanced advising from the Community Engagement Initiative to integrate a community engagement focus into coursework, culminating with an ePortfolio submitted to the Community Engagement Scholars Course of Study Faculty Review Board.

Become a Graduate Community Engagement Scholar

The Graduate Community Engagement Certificate is an opportunity for graduate students university-wide.  The Certificate, which is recorded on the student’s transcript, creates a scaffold by which scholars integrate their academic study in community engagement experiences through participation in course work, community-focused graduate research or creative work, and hands-on experience. Scholars will maintain a portfolio that may contain reflection materials, research documents, a record of experiential hours, and a final synthesis that documents their deepened understanding of their role as a community engaged scholar. 

Students may declare the Graduate Community Engagement Certificate by submitting the Graduate Certificate Enrollment Request Form to Liza Amatetti at 

What does it mean to be an engaged scholar? Want to explore the ways your research can impact P12 education?

As a researcher and scholar, consider how engagement can be a driving force for your work.

A research practice partnership (RPP) is a collaborative and mutually-beneficial partnership that is responsive to the needs of both researcher and practitioner. RPPs may include (1) research alliances designed to investigate a system’s programs and policies; (2) design-based partnerships in which researchers and practitioners collaboratively construct research in order to solve problems of practice; and (3) networked improvement communities (NIC) in which multiple agencies and systems apply systematic inquiry to collaboratively work to improve and address critical need problems of practice (Penuel 2017). We encourage you to explore the ways RPPs provide collaborative opportunities for research to address challenges in education. 

Read this white paper on Research Practice Partnerships to learn more about how University and K12 partnerships can leverage research for educational improvement.

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Campus Resources for Students
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