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What does it mean to lead by convening?

As a leader and researcher in education, we encourage you to join or initiate discussions around critical issues in education statewide.  Convening partners for collaborate conversations is an important first step to developing meaningful, mutually-beneficial partnerships.   These discussions help clarify shared understandings of our challenges and reimagine our policies and practices.

Explore the Idea Partnership's blueprint for authentic engagement “Leading by Convening.” 

And read more about "Community Design Circles" from the University of Washington.

How PPE can help?

In 2017, PPE convened a statewide coalition of teachers, local education agency leaders, representatives from institutions of higher education and teacher preparation programs, and other community stakeholders around a shared common interest of addressing the growing needs of the Delaware teacher pipeline. The TeachDE coalition utilized the varying perspectives and expertise of the members to approach the issue collaboratively and develop recommendations for policy, practice, and teacher preparation programs.  

PPE can utilize our extensive P12 network to facilitate introductions with education partners and help foster the relationships which support mutually beneficial collaborations and partnerships.

Interested in learning more? Contact us at

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