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Fostering Student Engagement

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Why foster student engagement in P12 schools?

  • To enhance the University’s identity and contributions as an engaged university
  • To contribute towards the improvement of P12 educational opportunities in UD’s local community
  • To expand the extent to which the knowledge UD generates enriches the quality of life in the communities it serves
  • To provide opportunities for UD students to create social impact 
  • To strengthen UD students’ knowledge, skills and experiences in addressing real world issues
  • To educate students for future civic and social responsibility

What does high quality student engagement look like?

Academically based student engagement in P12 schools integrates service or research with academic learning.

These experiences can take on many forms - from Service Learning Courses to after-school volunteer opportunities.

SERV Courses with P12 schools

PPE seeks to support UD’s mission to integrate civic engagement into student academic and career goals by assisting in the expansion of service learning courses partnering with P12 schools. 

Academically based community engagement helps to build UD’s students' knowledge of and skills for civic and social responsibility. 

 Courses with a service component allow UD students experience authentic and real-world problem solving in P12 schools.  As complex organizations with dynamic challenges, local schools and school districts offer opportunities for a wide variety of disciplines to apply their knowledge and expertise. These mutually beneficial partnerships enrich student learning spanning the entire P16 community. 

Student Mentors and Tutors

Do you have students who are passionate about their program of studies? Would your program like to establish a service-oriented mentor program with a local school to share this energy with P12 students?

PPE can help connect you with local schools to establish or grow an after school tutoring and mentoring program. When UD students mentor or tutor local youth, they offer more than just the exchange of content knowledge - they offer opportunities for local youth to connect with and establish relationships with UD students, build social capital and learn from a student about the UD experience. 

To learn more about the Community Engagement Ambassador program, an existing UD tutoring and mentoring program, contact Addison Hughes, Assistant Director, Equity & Inclusion, Resident Life and Housing at

Want to learn more about designing a service learning course?

3 Helpful Resources

Learn about UD Service Learning Courses @UD CEI. 

Browse through Campus Compact Resources including sample syllabi for service oriented courses, as well as links to research and training on engagement.

Watch Video Modules on Designing and Delivering a Service-Learning Course from the UMass Dartmouth Leduc Center.

Service Learning Focused Journals 

Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning

International Journal of Research on Service-Learning and Community Engagement

Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement

What resources are available to support faculty engaging in this work?
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Fostering Student Engagement
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Fostering Student Engagement
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